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TNAV #37 - Erin Kidnapped PonyGirl

Sexy Erin, a bondage virgin with a body to die for, has a problem with her car in the desert. And when she starts walking for help, she encounters our predator who has her stripped and tied in no time. He leads her along a desert road totally naked, tormenting her as they go. She gets tied to an old rusty abandoned car and soon her lovely figure is exposed as she begs to be let go. She's then tied to a tree with her arms above her head, totally helpless, and all of her lovely body is fully exposed as her humiliation becomes more unbearable.

With her hands tied behind her back, she's then led through the desert by a rope tied around her neck. Totally nude, she pleads to be let go as her tormentor admires her exposed lovely full figure. The rope around her neck is tied to a tree while she's still nude with her hands tied behind her back... completely vulnerable. Her humiliation becomes complete when he forces her to put on a leather outfit which covers nothing... and pony girl gear. Our pretty victim is led around by the rope again while he trains her to be a proper ponygirl. She's then forced to her hands and knees while he inspects every inch of her lovely body. Her mouthing off finally gets her a whipping... while she begs her abuser to let her go. Until she finally pleads that she'll do anything to be let go.

60 minutes - much nudity - $25

Screen shots from TNAV #37: Erin - Kidnapped PonyGirl