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TNAV does Heidi
Perils of Heidi #2 - Modeling Job

Lovely blonde Heidi was promised a modeling job in her first video. She takes a shower and goes to the agency to interview for the job and is made to strip to show what she looks like before she can get the job. Then they want to take some photos of her.... naked. She is told that if she really wants the job, she has to play with herself, while they take pictures.

Once she gets to the remote location for her photo shoot everything is fine for a while, but the other model starts playing with her and pulling off her clothes. After Heidi starts bitching the photographer and other model decide to teach her a lesson. The other model fucks with poor Heidi for a while, then strips her and ties her hands behind her back, then leads her around naked on her hands and knees on a rope leash. It's windy and cold, but Heidi gets tied naked to a pole.... and the other model pours cold water on her. Then adding to Heidi's humiliation and torment, Hedi gets dirt and mud rubbed on her... while she shivers uncontrollably. They put a collar on her and cuff her hands behind her and lead her off. It's cold and windy, and it's starting to get dark. But Heidi starts to whine about the cold and gets a bit too sarcastic... so they decide to leave her there... still naked and cuffed, and freezing... in the middle of nowhere... as the sun goes down.

60 minutes - $25

Screen shots from Perils of Heidi #2 - Modeling Job